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Corporate America Credit Union is a dedicated, not-for-profit financial cooperative governed by a board of directors elected from and by their member-owner credit unions. Serving nearly 500 credit unions across the nation, CACU combines a humble, friendly approach to business offerings aimed to help your institution thrive.  No capital investment is required at CACU; all members have the same fee schedule, the same rates and the same voting rights. Services include investments, liquidity solutions, and correspondent services such as ACH, item processing, and remote deposit capture.  To learn more, please call (800) 292-6242 or visit www.corpam.org

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Juniper Payments drives ACH, wires, check clearing, global payment solutions, Blockchain options, compliance and audit tools to nearly 4,000 financial institutions in the US. Juniper’s cloud-based ecosystem empowers banks and credit unions to maximize revenue with streamlined operations by utilizing integrated transactions, reporting and risk management tools. Our goal is to enable FI’s regardless of size, to compete and gain market share with a high level of efficiency through enhanced technology.  Whether you need unattended ACH delivery and distribution, real-time wire transfers, FX integrated international transactions or intuitive compliance tools, Juniper has the front-end applications and back-end connections to the Fed and other top tier 3rd party relationships to meet your needs. We offer core interface options to enable real-time automation and integrated disclosures which will help your FI with simplification, seamless connections and compliance.

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The SHAZAM Network, founded in 1976, is a national member-owned financial services and payments processing company. SHAZAM provides choice and flexibility to community financial institutions throughout the U.S. SHAZAM is a single-source provider of the following services: debit card, core, fraud, ATM, merchant, marketing, training, risk and automated clearing house (ACH). To learn more visit www.shazam.net  and follow @SHAZAMNetwork.

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